Friday, 28 January 2011

Year 7 Exam Skills: Practice Exam Question

Last lesson you were asked to write an answer to the following question using P.E.E.:

How does Philip Pullman imply that Iorek Byrnison is scary?
You should comment on:
The language used to describe the bear’s appearance
The way the author describes him eating
Lyra’s reaction to him. (5 marks)

Please post as a comment on this post your answer to this question before our lesson on Tuesday 1st February. You will need to write 3 P.E.E. paragraphs, one on each of the bullet points above.

Point: full sentence answer to the question
Evidence: exact quotation from the text
Explanation: explain how your quotation supports your point


  1. P= the shadow of the bear's appearance.
    EV= "Is that a bear over there shaking like mad.
    EX= she could see something big in the snow then she saw it was a bear she was freaked out!

  2. 1. (P) Philli Pullman impiled that Iorek Byrnison was scary by describing the bears appearnce
    (EV) He puts "Blood-stained muzzle" and "Hideous growling"
    (EX) By implying he had a "Blood-stained muzzle" it means he has been hunting/Killing or fighting.

  3. (P) The blood he has on him
    (EV) Lorek byrnison makes himself look scary by his "blood stained muzzle"
    (EX) by the blood that is on him it shows that he hunts alot and gets in to some fights.

    BY alex (M) :) i did my homework :)

  4. Oliver looked at this home work,but has not got this book or even read this book so cant answer the questions asked of him.
    Steve Linfoot.

  5. P. Philip Pullman Imlys That Lorek byrison looks scary becase the blood he has on him.

    EV. Lorek byrison is scary becuase Philip Pullman wrote "Blood stained muzzle".

    EX.The blood he has on him shows that he is violent and gets into lots of fights and hunts alot of alive thing.

  6. P.Philip Pullman implys that Lorek Byrison was scary by the blood on him

    EV.Lorek byrison is scary because it says "Blood stained muzzle".

    EX. The blood he has on him suggests he gets into alot of fights and hunts alive animals.

    Jack Loosley

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  8. P:Phillip pullman implies that Iorek byrinson is scary by the blood on him
    EV:its implied that Iorek Byrinson is scary because of the words "Blood stained muzzle"
    EX:The blood on his face suggests he gets into alot of fights