Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Conventions of a Newsdesk Report

Learning objective:
To develop an understanding of the conventions of a news desk report.

Task 1: Watch the following videos and fill in an observation table for each one:,AAAAAEabvr4~,Wtd2HT-p_Vh4qBcIZDrvZlvNCU8nxccG&bctid=1517304654001

Task 2: Write as a comment on this post, the answers to the following questions:
What did the presentations have in common?
How is a news desk report different to a newspaper?


  1. Luke Mackenzie24 May 2012 at 09:56

    1. There all looking at the camera at all times.
    2. because in a news desk report they show you clips but on a news paper theres just pictures.

  2. 1)the presenters have all introduced themselves and link to other storys and they have spoken clearly and their body languege is prefesional.
    2) this is defferent because the desk report shows fottage and is more to the point.

  3. Megan and louise :)24 May 2012 at 09:56

    Megan and Louise:)

    in common they was all in a studio and said good evening

    its people talking. thats the differance between newpaper and desk report also on desk report you can se a video of what happened wheras you cant in a newspaper.

    Megan and Louise. 7.3

  4. 1 they all sound calm and a bit serius
    2 a news paper you have to read a desk report is you have to lisan to the tv.

  5. 1. they all showed images of the things that happened and all had atleast one story the same, and all had same music.
    2.they tell more information and more images of the things that happened.

  6. 1. they all had music and there all the same in differnt shows but all the same they both showed images about what was happening and they atleast had one story the same

    2. they give you more infomation about what has happend and more imaages the same

  7. 1) they all have a serious voice and a strait face, they all show videos/footage.

    2) a desk report is different because they read it for you and you can watchy footage insted of seeing pictures were as in a news paper you have to read it (which is EFFORT!!!!!) and only look at pictures.....(:

  8. There tone of voice is the same ( clearly and stronge language.) There music at the start is the same. Aswel the body language was the same such as holding paper and sitting straight.

    A news desk is when they are in the studio and there doing it live, and a newspaper is when its on paper and nobody is saying it. pluse the news desk is when they are getting filmed. newspaper is when its like a book but not.

  9. 1) The presentations all had a presenter and a serious life story.
    2) A news desk report is diffrent to a newspaper because a news desk report has videos, interviews and reports. where a newspaper only has pictures.

  10. Charlortte Read24 May 2012 at 10:01

    i think they have kinder the same music and the kinder same tone of voice.

    i think on a news desk report it more seorios and has more inmormation then a newspaper.

  11. i thought that they spoke clearly and loudly.They varied there tone of voice. they also showed there storys before they got into full detail.